We have been addressed by the prime minister and asked to stay at home. I remember this day so well it was cold and dark out in March 2020 and everything stopped or I say the world stood still. No planes in the sky no cars on the road and a very unfriendly time when you avoid any closeness with anyone other than your own household.


My daughter was 2 years old and enjoying nursery and learning from her amazing teachers and this came to a complete stop !! My heart did truly break for her. However, we kept in a routine with circle time reading play-dough colouring, and PE with joe wicks. She took this in her stride well and our garden became our best friend.


When will it end? That’s what we held on to every single day. So many people sadly dying by April and going into May. Our thoughts with all those families who could not hold the hands of all those they loved.  A truly unprecedented time in all our lives.


May 2020 and things start to look a little brighter but only just! My husband turned 40 and we could not celebrate with all those we love so I put my baking skills to the test and made his favourite red velvet cake cracked open the champagne. It was the perfect day.


Summer was somewhat better we could meet more loved ones and I turned 40 in August !! So not how I envisioned this day at all, however, I was spoiled with afternoon tea at home along with 2 cakes and of course champagne. It was a hot day so my family members came to see me (social distanced) which completed the day perfectly.


Taking each day as it comes and each month by now finding what the new normal will be after we have all had the vaccine what will life be like….. I have found a new sense of being and knowing what is important to me. What now?